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Rainwater tank maintenance

This program offers maintenance, functionality checks and ensures maximum connections are made to indoor non-potable sources.

Around 30% of existing rainwater tanks in urban areas where a mains water supply exists have been found to be non-functioning in terms of their ability to replace mains water whenever there is rainwater available.

Given the persistent drought conditions, it would be difficult to justify significant expenditure to repair or maintain faulty tank systems. However, if suitably trained service providers are visiting a property with a tank for another reason (for example Waterfix), then a 15-minute rainwater tank system inspection can detect a wide range of failure points and even correct several, using labour alone.

Meanwhile the inspection record can be used to provide recommendations and advice to the householder, many of whom are unaware and ill-equipped to identify these problems themselves. A separate, cost-recovery or subsidised service could subsequently be developed to meet whatever market demand is identified via the Waterfix-based inspections.