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We certify water efficient products and services across Australia, Europe and USA. Approved products and services are licensed to use the Smart WaterMark logo on packaging, point of sale information, website and marketing materials. The Independent Expert Panel has been set up to independently assess the applications of products and services wanting to receive Smart WaterMark accreditation. It comprises seven members and an independent chair representing international expertise.

Why apply for the Smart Approved WaterMark?

  1. The Independent Expert Panel provides third party assessment of water saving. Once approved you are licensed to use the Smart WaterMark logo on your approved product/service packaging, point of sale information, website and marketing materials.
  2. Your approved product/service will have its own dedicated page on the Smart WaterMark website featuring a large product image, description, company logo and external links to your site.
  3. Smart WaterMark promotes its licensees in Australia through its marketing, PR and communications ie: social media posts, articles in newsletters, word of mouth, presentations at events and the website.
  4. Licensees are recognised as supporters of Smart WaterMark in its national water efficiency campaigns.
  5. During times of drought when rebates are offered, Smart WaterMark has been used as a criterion.
  6. Water efficiency is a unique selling point. Current certificate holders have seen that certification provides market advantage.
  7. If you are approved to use the Smart Watermark in Australia you can apply to extend your licence to include Europe without having to reapply.
  8. Approved licencees may also be eligible to to be listed in the Waterwise Products Program as long as the product falls into their category criteria.

Schedule of fees

Australia ($AUD)

*Fees above are subject to GST.

North America ($US)

Europe (Euros)


The panel meets three times a year to consider applications against the following criteria:

Water saving
That the primary purpose of the product or service is directly related to reducing actual water use and/or using water more efficiently, where there is a direct correlation between the use of the product and water savings.

Fit for purpose
That the appropriate use of the product or service is consistent with supplied instructions and other documentation.

Meets regulations and standards
That the product or service is of high quality and meets industry standards, and customer and community expectations, in relation to water use.

Environmentally sustainable
That the product or service, while satisfying the above three criteria, is environmentally sustainable, and despite claimed water savings will not adversely affect the environment in other areas.


Smart Approved WaterMark accepts applications that fit into the following categories:


Sprinklers, trigger nozzles, irrigation controllers, sensors and systems, water measures and dripperlines. As well as bushfire watering systems and wicking beds.


Innovative products that directly identify or fix leaks. (Residential and commercial).


Greyflow innovations and managing systems. Any plumbing and drainage products associated with greywater must have the ‘Watermark’. In WA they must also be approved by the Department of Health.

Pool and Spa

Spa and pool covers and blankets including liquid covers. Water conditioning systems and filters. Backwashing systems (Residential and Commercial). (All covers must have the SAWM Fit for Purpose Certificate to be eligible for the SAWM license).


Garden pots, composts, mulch, soil amendment products including wetters and conditioners, synthetic grass, aquifers and wicking beds (Residential and commercial).


Diverters, aquifers, pipe work solutions and system-based water conditioners. (Residential and commercial). Note: The Smart Approved WaterMark requires that all products meet relevant standards and regulations therefore all plumbing and drainage products must have the ‘Watermark’. Applicants are asked to check the WaterMark Schedule of Products which lists products requiring WaterMark certification or to visit the Australian Building Codes Board site.


Tap aerators, waterless urinals, vacuum toilets and shower timers/shorteners. All plumbing and drainage products must have the ‘Watermark’.


Cleaning machines and hand held trigger nozzles for commercial and residential cleaning purposes.


Waterless car cleaning products.


Rainwater management systems. Any plumbing and drainage products associated with rainwater must have the ‘Watermark’


Practical water management tools for optimizing water and soil nutrients. (Residential and commercial).


Commercial glasswashers (currently not covered by WELS).


Applicant Guidelines
Detailed guidelines have been developed for Australian applications for specific product groups and are available to download as pdfs.

To have your water efficient product or service approved to use the Smart WaterMark apply now.

If you have any questions about a product or service that you would like to be assessed for Smart WaterMark approval please contact us at