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Do you remember the last time you used water?

Like the air we breathe and the eyes we view our world through, water is largely invisible. We barely remember using it, drinking it, flushing with it or even turning a tap. Yet if it didn’t appear we’d be appalled.

Australians are up among the highest water users despite many not consciously using it.

The team at Smart Approved WaterMark;

We are the one stop shop for water efficiency and we believe in a blue future.

Believing in a Blue Future

Refreshing, cleansing, beautiful – it powers life and is intrinsic to being human: Its water. We love it, can’t do without it and want to protect every precious drop…because what it’s not - is infinite.

Every living creature needs water – well over 7 billion humans rely on it just to function. As plentiful as H2O seems, there is only 3% of fresh water on the planet. Only 1% of that is drinkable. Since humans are just 0.01% of life on earth dependant on that water, the pressure is on.

Logic tells us that a finite resource must be responsibly used and managed. So, we find ourselves at an impasse. Everyone knows it makes sense to keep showers short, reduce running water and scrape dishes rather then rinse them. We have seen the posters, factsheets and campaigns reminding us of the right things to do – but its largely ignored.

We could tell you that we should save water because climate change is causing more extreme temperatures, droughts and floods, or because Australia’s population is increasing rapidly with more people using water than ever before and as a result were expending increasing amounts of energy to treat, pump and heat water – that may catch your attention.

We could highlight the Global Risk report which recently indicated that aside from ‘Weapons of Mass destruction’ the 4 key events most likely to impact our lives in the next 10 years are weather or water related – they may worry you a little.

SAWM works toward a future that’s blue, a future that celebrates the many amazing qualities of water, sees its strength and acknowledges its vulnerability. We don’t protect water because it’s logical. We do it so we get to live, in a bright and blue future.

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